May 2020

The Digi Remote Manager May release provides a security-related fix, new features, and bug fixes.

Security-related Fix

Resolved issue that prevented access to UI login when port 80 is blocked

CVSS rating: Medium, CVSS score: 4.3

Remote Manager no longer prevents access to UI login when port 80 is blocked.

Features and enhancements

Allow read-only users access to read-only CLI commands on xOS devices

On xOS devices, system administrators can allow read-only users access to one or more read-only CLI commands. The possible commands include:

  • show system
  • show log
  • show log system
  • show tech-support
    event log at time of watcher reboot
    system log at time of watcher reboot
    reboot count
  • show tech-support tech-support.txt (output to file)
  • show cloud
  • show wan
  • show wan n (where n = WAN number)
  • show cellular
  • show cellular n (where n = cellular interface number
  • show ipsec
  • show ipsec n (where n = tunnel number)

Improved cache handling for alarm status events for improved performance

Resolved issues

Resolved firmware update failure on SarOS devices during ping response

Firmware processing has been fixed so that ping responses during a firmware update do not result in sending additional firmware update requests. The rejection of the second update request by the device due to a firmware update being in progress was interpreted as an error in the in progress update causing an aborted by target message.

Fixed incorrect password set during account sign up

During initial account setup, you can no longer set a password that exceeds the character limit for Remote Manager passwords.

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