Module: digicli

WARNING! Using this module limits your ability to port your Python code to other product families. To maintain portability, use the Module: rci instead.

The digicli module exports a single function, also named digicli. This function takes a single string as an argument. That string is a command to be executed by the command line interpreter of the Digi box. The status and result of the command will be returned in a tuple. The first element is a boolean that indicates whether the command succeeded. The second element of the tuple is a list of the return text from the command separated into lines. For all Command Line commands, refer to the Digi Connect Family Command Reference.

Note CLI commands capable of producing lines with greater than 255 characters can cause problems. Newer versions of the operating system attempt to address this danger by splitting lines into multiple strings in the output list. A string with no trailing '\n' character is continued in the next string of the list.