Digi Embedded for Android in a nutshell

Android's integration into embedded systems take it well beyond its traditional use in the consumer electronics market. Embedded systems that have a rich, multimedia-heavy user interface pair with Android's powerful communication capabilities (cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more) to make it the perfect OS to build smart and connected devices for the IoT era.

But the use of Android as an embedded OS presents several challenges. Android doesn't provide APIs to access the peripherals and interfaces found in most embedded systems, such as GPIO, I2C, SPI or CAN. Adapting the standard Android platform to embedded systems requires several modifications and optimizations. Firmware and software developers must write all the code to access these peripherals, which is not trivial and requires solid knowledge about the internal architecture of Linux and Android.

What does Digi provide?

Digi Embedded for Android provides the required hardware and software to effectively design embedded products with Android. Digi's unique product offering combines all the necessary ingredients for the success of your next embedded product, built with Android.

Note Digi Embedded for Android includes pre-built images to accelerate your development process.