Determine Digi MAC addresses

Sequential MAC address scheme

Digi assigns MAC addresses according to a sequential scheme. The order of assignment depends on the available interfaces, but the scheme always respects the order Ethernet 1, Ethernet 2, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and skips non-available interfaces.

ConnectCore 6 modules that do not have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth populated only have one MAC address (Ethernet).

Determine MAC addresses

You can determine the MAC addresses for your device either by reading the Ethernet MAC off the label and using the scheme to determine subsequent addresses, or by reading them from your device. To read the stock environment variables from the device using the printenv command executed at the U-Boot prompt:

To get First Ethernet MAC address:

=> printenv ethaddr

To get Second Ethernet MAC address:

=> printenv eth1addr

To get Wi-Fi MAC address:

=> printenv wlanaddr

To get Bluetooth MAC address:

=> printenv btaddr