Product Components and Requirements

Product Components


Additional Equipment

  • A computer connected to the Internet.
  • A hub or switch connected to the Internet (when using Ethernet).

Additional Products

To run the In-Premise Display/Meter Simulator sample (see In-Premise Display/Meter Simulation Sample) you will also need one of the following devices. These devices are manufactured with ZB firmware and must first be converted to SE firmware. Full instructions and firmware can be found in the ZB to SE conversion kit, which can be downloaded from or by clicking here.

  • Purchase - XBee-PRO ZB USB adapter with internal wire antenna (part number XA-Z14-CE1P-A).
  • Purchase - XStick USB Adapter, ZB (part number XU-Z11).
  • Other serially-attached XBee, if converted to SE firmware.


The In-Premise Display/Meter Simulator sample only runs in Windows