class Cellular

This class provides a driver for the Cellular modem in the XBee.

For example:

import network
import time
cellular = network.Cellular()
while not cellular.isconnected():

# now use socket as usual


You can use the constructor to create an XBee Cellular object.

class network.Cellular()


You can use these method options in the XBee Cellular configuration.

Cellular power and airplane mode

This method determines whether the XBee Cellular Modem is powered on or in airplane mode.[mode])

Without parameters:

With parameters:

Note No changes to the XBee Cellular Modem are made if the parameter matches the current mode.

Verify cellular network connection

This method determines whether the XBee Cellular Modem is connected to a network.


Cellular connection configuration

The cellular.ifconfig() method reports on settings that describes the cellular network connection. The values are only present once known.

For additional information about network configuration, please refer to the MicroPython network configuration documentation.

Send an SMS message

This method sends a message to a phone using SMS (Short Message Service).

cellular.sms_send(phone, message)


Possible return values:

Throws an "OSError" exception:

Receive an SMS message

This method returns information about a sent SMS message. Possible return values include None or a dictionary key.


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