Digi 6310-DX Quick start

Thank you for purchasing the Digi 6310-DX.

Step 1: What's in the box

Item Description

6310-DX unit

Digi 1002-CM CORE modem

CM unit anchor screws

  • 1 Phillips head
  • 1 hex head

1002-CM CORE modem cover plate:

1003-CM CORE modem cover plate:

CORE modem cover plate

Cellular antennas (2)

Power supply

Ethernet cables:

  • 1 x 18 inch
  • 1 x 156 inch

Mounting bracket

Screws (2)
Drywall anchors (2)

Optional remote mounting kit:

Step 2: Connect

  1. Insert your activated SIMs provided by your cellular carrier into the Digi 1002-CM CORE modem.

  2. Insert the CORE modem into the 6310-DX by aligning the white clip. Press the modem in and then push the white clip in until it locks firmly in place.

  3. Secure the CORE modem with one of the CM unit anchor screws.
  4. Cover the installed CORE modem with the cover plate. The cover plate will snap into place.

  5. Attach antenna(s).
  6. If you intend to configure Ethernet WAN access at this time, use an Ethernet cable to connect the 6310-DX's 2/WAN port to a hub with access to the Internet.
  7. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the 6310-DX 1/PoE port to your PC.

Step 3: Power up

  1. Connect DC power.

  2. Verify that the signal strength indicator on the front of the 6310-DX shows 2 or more bars, and that the LTE LED on the front of the 6310-DX shows either green or blue (solid or flashing) for proper operation.

Step 4: Configure

This section describes how to configure the device by using the local Web UI. You can also use Digi Remote Manager to configure the device, including using a Digi RM device configuration to automatically update the device. See the Digi Remote Manager User Guide.

  1. On the PC connected to the 6310-DX, open a browser and go to
  2. Log into the 6310-DX:

    User name: Use the default user name: admin.

    Password: Use the unique password printed on the bottom label of the device (or the printed label included in the package).

    Note If your device was manufactured prior to the release of firmware version 19.11.x, the default user name may be root.

    Devices that connect to Digi aView for cloud management may have a different password for the default user, based on the aView configuration profile used by the device. Devices with firmware prior to release 20.2.x are configured to connect to aView by default.

    To connect to the local Web UI in this case, you must either know the password from the aView configuration profile, or you must disconnect from aView and reset the device to factory defaults.

    To disconnect from aView and reset the device:

    1. Remove any SIM and WAN connections to prevent the device from connecting to aView after resetting to factory defaults.
    2. Follow the instructions at Erase device configuration and reset to factory defaults to reset the device to factory defaults.
    3. Log into the local Web UI by using the default username and password.
    4. Prior to inserting a SIM or connecting to a WAN connection, disable central management or configure the device to connect to Digi Remote Manager, as described in Configure Digi Remote Manager.

Ethernet port default configuration