Run a speed test on a device utilizing Speedtest by Ookla

Test the speed and performance of your internet connection on one or multiple DAL OS devices using Speedtest by Ookla.


Note If any of the above requirements have not been met, you can still run a classic speed test but this test is not as accurate when testing high-speed internet connections. Digi recommends updating the device to meet the requirements, and then running Speedtest by Ookla for an accurate measurement of the internet connection.

To run an Ookla speed test on a device:

  1. Log in to DRM.

  2. Click Devices.

  3. Select the device or devices you wish to test.

  4. Click Actions to open the menu.

  5. Search for speed test.

  6. Click Speed Test.

  7. Click Run Speed Test.

    A window appears showing the speed test in progress. The speed test takes approximately 30 seconds to complete.

    Note During the speed test, do not click the X to close the window. Doing so stops the speed test.

    Once the speed test is done, the results display.

  8. Click View Full Speed Test History to see a complete list of previous speed tests run on the device.