AnywhereUSB Manager Hub Status pane

When you select an AnywhereUSB Hub in the AnywhereUSB Manager, information about the Hub displays in the Hub Status pane.


Label Description


The current state of the Hub. For a list of status messages, see AnywhereUSB Manager connection status messages.



The name of the Hub supplied by the Hub. The default value for the Hub name is the serial number assigned to the Hub. You can change the Hub name in the Ethernet Network section of the web UI. See Rename the AnywhereUSB Hub.

Local Name


A descriptive local name for the Hub. The local name also displays in the tree view in the left-hand pane in the AnywhereUSB Manager. The local name is local to the computer on which the AnywhereUSB Manager is running.

You can change the local name using the Assign Local Name menu option for the Hub.



The model name for the AnywhereUSB Hub.


The version number of the firmware running on the Hub.


The network address of the Hub.


The serial number of the Hub, which is found on the Hub label.