Use digidevice.datapoint to upload custom datapoints to Digi Remote Manager

Use the datapoint Python module to upload custom datapoints to Digi Remote Manager.

The following characteristics can be defined for a datapoint:

For example, to use an interactive Python session to upload datapoints related to velocity, temperature, and the state of the emergency door:

  1. Log into the LR54 command line as a user with shell access.

    Depending on your device configuration, you may be presented with an Access selection menu. Type shell to access the device shell.

  2. At the shell prompt, use the python command with no parameters to enter an interactive Python session:

    # python
    Python 3.6.13 (default, May  9 2021, 22:49:59)
    [GCC 8.3.0] on linux
    Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

  3. Import the datapoint submodule and other necessary modules:
    >>> from digidevice import datapoint
    >>> import time
  4. Upload the datapoints to Remote Manager:
    >>> datapoint.upload("Velocity", 69, units="mph")
    >>> datapoint.upload("Temperature", 24, geo_location=(54.409469, -1.718836, 129))
    >>> datapoint.upload("Emergency_Door", "closed", timestamp=time.time())
  5. Use Ctrl-D to exit the Python session. You can also exit the session using exit() or quit().

Once the datapoints have been uploaded to Remote Manager, they can be viewed via Remote Manager or accessed using Web Services calls. See the Digi Remote Manager Programmers Guide for more information on web services and datapoints.