Digi Embedded Yocto enables you to remotely monitor and analyze multiple devices, manage their configuration, or update the entire system via the integrated Remote Manager support. This section describes how you can use Remote Manager to manage your devices remotely.

You can keep all your hardware up and running by programming alarms based on device conditions or scheduling operations on multiple remote devices.

Remote management features

Remote Manager offers the following features for your modules:

  • Monitor the system. Analyze system values, such as the CPU usage & temperature or available memory, on a fixed time schedule in order to create a device health timeline.

  • Access the file system. List, upload, download, or remove system files from Remote Manager or a custom application using the Remote Manager web services.

  • Manage the system. Remotely control the configuration of some interfaces such as Ethernet, or wireless; or reboot the module.

  • Update the entire system. Upload a firmware image to update the system.

  • Schedule and automate operations on multiple remote devices with Web Services. Write web pages or applications that send requests using the provided API over HTTP (or HTTPS).

See [{XREF_yocto_r_ccdemo-remote-demo}] for an example using Remote Manager APIs.

For extended Remote Manager usage and reference information, see the Digi Remote Manager User Guide.

To serve our customers most effectively, Digi International Inc. is consolidating its cloud services, Digi Device Cloud and Digi Remote ManagerĀ®, under the Remote Manager name. This phased process does not affect device functionality or the functionality of the web services and other features. However, you will find instances of both Device Cloud and Digi Remote Manager in some documentation, firmware, and user interfaces.