Release 4.0-r1

This document provides information about Digi Embedded Yocto, Digi International’s professional embedded Yocto development environment.

Digi Embedded Yocto 4.0 is based on the Yocto Project™ 4.0 (kirkstone) release.


Digi Embedded Yocto is composed of a set of different Yocto layers that work in parallel. The layers are specified on a manifest file.

To install, please follow the instructions at Yocto system development.

Supported platforms

Software for the following hardware platforms is in production support.

See the Part Numbers & Accessories section of the ConnectCore 6UL product page for more information on platform variants.

ConnectCore MP15

  • ConnectCore MP15 (SOM)

    • CC-ST-DW69-ZM

  • ConnectCore MP15 Development Kit

    • CC-WMP157-KIT

ConnectCore 6UL

  • ConnectCore 6UL System-on-Module (SOM)

    • CC-WMX-JN58-NE

    • CC-MX-JN58-Z1

    • CC-WMX-JN7A-NE


    • CC-WMX-JN68-NN

    • CC-WMX-JN69-NN

    • CC-MX-JN69-ZN

  • ConnectCore 6UL SBC Express


    • CC-SBE-WMX-JN58

  • ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro


    • CC-SBP-WMX-JN58