To get started with your ConnectCore MP15 Development Kit, you must create a ConnectCore Cloud Services account and add your device. To do so:

  1. Install the Digi ConnectCore Quick Setup app in your smartphone. You can find it in both the Apple and Google Play app stores:

  2. Start the Digi ConnectCore Quick Setup app on your smartphone.

  3. Select Get Started from the main menu.

    Digi ConnectCore Quick Setup app

  4. Scan the QR code on the sticker/label of your ConnectCore MP15 SOM. The application connects to your device using Bluetooth.

  5. Configure your ConnectCore MP15 Development Kit so it has Internet access: select the network interface you want to configure, fill in the settings, and click Continue. The application sends the network parameter values via Bluetooth.

  6. Click Create new account to create a ConnectCore Cloud Services account. Fill in the required fields and click Create account.

  7. Click Yes when prompted to confirm the phone number where you are receiving the activation token.

  8. You will receive an SMS with the code to activate your ConnectCore Cloud Services account. Enter the code in the application if it is not automatically done.

    Your account is successfully created and your device automatically registered.

  9. Lastly, change the Bluetooth connection password on your device. The new password will be used for subsequent Bluetooth connections. Enter the new password, confirm it, and click Change password.

See Step 5 - Manage your device remotely to control your device with the ConnectCore Cloud Services demo web application.