If your Digi Embedded Yocto system is already running, you can update the firmware with a software update package (SWU).

The procedure is slightly different if you are using a dual boot partition layout or a single system partition layout. (See Storage layout for reference).

Firmware update procedures

Update using Digi Remote Manager

Refer to Update the firmware with Remote Manager for information on updating the system via Remote Manager.

Update the bootloader

By default, the U-Boot bootloader is not included in the SWU package. To include the U-Boot image in the update process:

  1. Set the following variable in your project’s conf/local.conf configuration file:

  2. Build the SWU package, or rebuild it if you already did so before. See Build a software update package.

  3. Install the SWU package. See [update-firmware-using-swu-package].