The ConnectCore Cloud Services demo provides a user-friendly interface to demonstrate the features available on the ConnectCore family of products. It allows you to both monitor and manage your device.

The demo includes a remote management web application that uses Digi Remote Manager APIs. It stores device data in the cloud and listens for incoming requests to allow you to remotely monitor and control your device.

The following diagram summarizes the ConnectCore Cloud Services demo with all components as well as the connections between them.

Due to an incompatibility between the STM32MP1 and WebKit, only the remote ConnectCore Cloud Services demo application is available for the ConnectCore MP15. The local demo application is not supported.
ConnectCore Cloud Services demo diagram

Remote application

The remote ConnectCore Cloud Services demo application consists of:

  1. CloudConnector running on your device to collect local data and periodically upload to Remote Manager, and listen for requests coming from Remote Manager to perform the corresponding operation.

  2. Web application using the Digi Remote Manager public API to interact with the device.

It uses the Remote Manager public API to interact with the device and can run on:

  • Local personal computer for evaluation/development purposes.

  • Remote hosts such as AWS to make it accessible from anywhere.

Remote ConnectCore Cloud Services demo diagram


The web application runs on an external server or PC. It uses Remote Manager APIs to gather data from Remote Manager and communicate with the device, allowing you to:

  • Monitor device status.

  • Get historical data from the device stored in the cloud.

  • Remotely control some device interfaces.

  • Remotely access a shell console.

  • Remotely access the device file system:

    • List files

    • Upload files

    • Download files

    • Remove files

  • Perform remote management operations such as:

    • Reboot

    • Firmware update

Next steps

See Get started for information on how starting the ConnectCore Cloud Services demo.