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Shell Access on Digi Routers Running the DAL Operating System

Digi offers a variety of routers running the Digi Accelerated Linux operating system.  One powerful aspect of the firmware is that it allows customers access to the Linux shell in case they want to write / run Linux bash scripts. For this article we will use the Digi IX14 as an example.

Run the "runt" command

If you need to know exactly what is exposed by the router’s API, and how you might be able to collect or set a specific value, you will need to use the “runt” command and perform a dump:

runt dump

This will give you a complete list of all exposed settings:


This may be far more information than you need. It is also possible to limit the list to a partial match by appending a pipe symbol | and grep <term>.  Something like the following allows you to find out about the power supply voltage coming into a Digi IX14 – very useful for understanding when a router is running on power mains versus battery backup:

runt dump | grep vol

This will return the following:

# runt dump | grep vol

With this information, it becomes very easy to query precisely the value you want by adding “get” to the request:

# runt get system.supply_voltage

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Digi Contacts, Services and Support

Digi has many resources to help meet your needs. Please refer to the following for additional support:
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