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Low-cost and Low-power

Digi OEM RF modules and stand-alone RF modems price in well below comparable wired and wireless solutions and includes unmatched advanced features and ease-of-use. Aggressive high-volume pricing allows OEMs and integrators to cut network costs without sacrificing data integrity.

An in-house survey revealed the average list price for 900 MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum OEM modules was a whopping $700. Digi lists its high-performance 9XStream™ 900 MHz wireless OEM module at $150 ($74 @ 5k qty.) The survey also revealed the average list price for wireless OEM modules operating at 2.4 GHz was $500. Digi lists its 24XStream™ 2.4 GHz OEM RF Module at only $99.

Low-Power Consumption
More of today’s wireless applications require battery power, so the lower the output power the better. However, low output power compromises the communication range available in most RF solutions. The key to a great RF solution is to find a product that provides long range at low output power.

Digi RF modules are optimized for low power applications and provide excellent communication at short and long range. These modules operate at a variety of power output levels between 1 Watt and 1 milliWatt, allowing custom-designed networks that meet each application’s needs. The XBee product family provides power-down modes that reach below 10 µA.