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Hi-School Pharmacy

Hi-School Pharmacy, Vancouver, WA

Contact: Assistant Pharmacy Director

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Why did you buy the Digi Smart Solutions program?
Before buying Digi Smart Solutions, we had been looking at several different options to purchase. There were several things that convinced us to go with Digi Smart Solutions though. First the history of Digi Smart Solutions really showed us that they were experienced in the industry, and were knowledgeable about the issues facing our team. Second, the customer service was exceptional. Our sales representative was very informed on the regulations we needed to comply with, and even the help desk was able to address our needs quickly and easily. Also important, was the return on investment we could see with the Digi Smart Solutions system. The ability to potentially salvage lost product was incredibly important. Digi Smart Solutions was also the most comprehensive system we looked at regarding compliance. When looking at all of these positives together, Digi Smart Solutions was the clear choice.

How has it helped you with compliance issues?
Digi Smart Solutions has helped immensely with our compliance program. The ability to pull reports and records from anywhere, in the office or out, has been fantastic. The state inspectors have even commented how much they like it. Digi Smart Solutions also helped us develop a process to exceed the SBOP required check for testing the functionality of our alerting tool.

What part of the program has been most valuable to you?
The compliance provided by the system has been the most valuable part of the system for us. The knowledge in knowing that the system keeps us compliant without us needing to constantly worry about it is priceless.

How has Digi saved you time, money, and improved product/patient safety?
Digi Smart Solutions has saved us time by doing almost everything for me as an administrator, and for our stores as well, giving us all peace of mind. Knowing our products are safe, and that if anything goes wrong, we’ll know almost immediately is reassuring. It also allows us to be compliant with state regulations for temperature monitoring. Most importantly, though, is the improved product and patient safety provided by an automatic temperature monitoring system. For us it’s the number one reason everyone should have a monitoring system.