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Indiana CTSI

Indiana CTSI, Indianapolis, IN

Contact: Operations Manager

SMART Temps Sites & Equipment
1 Research Lab, 87 SMART Guards

Why did you buy the SMART Temps program?
We decided to purchase the SMART Temps system to help cover issues we found with another system we were using. Our first system didn’t allow for the kind of record keeping that the SMART Temps system does, which was problematic for us. As a result we are planning to make SMART Temps our primary system in the coming months.

How has it helped you with compliance issues?
We were having issues with our other system, which left us needing something more robust. SMART Temps ability to retain data helps us meet regulations that the other system couldn’t do. The ability to pull data at any time from anywhere, and show it to compliance officers has been beneficial as well.

What part of the program has been most valuable to you?
The customer service team has been invaluable. We were having a few small issues when we first received the system and the customer service team’s response was excellent. It’s also been crucial for our team to be able to monitor equipment from home. The quality of the equipment was also big for us. It works as expected with easy solutions for the few issues we’ve had.

How has SMART Temps saved you time, money, and improved product safety?
As previously mentioned, the ability for us to monitor our equipment from home has been critical for us. It prevents unnecessary travel and extra work hours for our staff. SMART Temps has also helped protect our research samples with a more secure system.

“The robust and secure nature of the SMART Temps system provides us peace of mind in knowing our research samples are secure.”
-Operations Manager

April 21, 2017
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