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Trinity Health Facilities

Trinity Health Facilities, Mishawaka, IN

Contact: Midwest Hospital Executive

SMART Temps Sites & Equipment
2 Hospitals, 28 Physician Offices, 250 SMART Guards

Why did you buy the SMART Temps program?
After looking at multiple solutions to automate our temperature monitoring, SMART Temps was the best system we saw demonstrated. We were tired of filling out lengthy paper logs, and were searching for something to handle the process for us. They met all of the regulations we needed to comply with and were also competitively priced.

How has it helped you with compliance issues?
SMART Temps has ensured that we’ve met all of our compliance requirements since implementation. We have received great SDOH and JACHO reviews as a result of SMART Temps monitoring. The ability for compliance officers to see data in real time, and the peace of mind that SMART Temps data retention provides has been beneficial.

What part of the program has been most valuable to you?
The SMART Temps system has allowed us to focus on patient care instead of constantly worrying about paperwork and regulations. Knowing we will be immediately notified if a piece of equipment containing costly samples goes down is huge. This peace of mind provided by SMART Temps has been invaluable to our team.

How has SMART Temps saved you time, money, and improved product safety?
SMART Temps has saved us time, saved us money, and kept our facility more efficient than ever before. The time the system has saved us from having to fill out lengthy paper reports, and the amount of data available at our fingertips The system also gave us 100% coverage of an area of our program which was spotty at best before.

“SMART Temps has increased our efficiency and allowed us to focus on patient care rather than paperwork and regulations.”
-Midwest Healthcare Executive

April 21, 2017
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