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August 14, 2017
Bill & Tim’s Barbecue and Tap House is a restaurant located in downtown Eugene, Oregon which uses a Friedrich FMP400 commercial smoker to smoke proteins during the day and overnight. We have had 2 instances in the past 18 months where the smoker failed during the overnight unattended cook. The thermostat failed and the high temperature sensor shut the smoker down. We had to throw away $300+ worth of meat and, more painfully, did not have enough pork and brisket the next day for our customers. 
August 14, 2017
The Digi Data Logger is a wireless temperature monitoring and tracking solution for shipping perishable goods. The Digi Data Logger, which is attached to the shipment packaging or pallet, or placed in direct contact with the product, reduces risk of both machine and human error with real-time temperature monitoring and tracking via an always-on sensor and up to six months of onboard storage.