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June 18, 2015

Food startups are a growing trend among entrepreneurial tech companies in Silicon Valley. Within the past few years we have seen products such as Soylent, Hampton Creek, and Beyond Meat. These startups have managed to raise major funds from the likes of Bill Gates, Peter Thiel and Biz Stone. Amazon and others are jumping on the food bandwagon by offering grocery delivery services. The high tech industry has also given way to a sharing economy for foods. The fact is that the food industry as a whole is ripe for “disruption”, as they say.

June 09, 2015

Anyone who is in the business of handling food gets inspected, whether it’s the local board of health, federal investigators, or third party auditors. All too often in the industry, we get caught up in just making it past the next audit. But if we're doing things right day-in and day-out, we should have nothing to worry about. Food safety should be engrained in the culture of the company.