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This article written by Miranda Hitti, has some great advice on how to make your food safer. It’s a quick read and provides a solid foundation for those who want to live a more health conscious lifestyle.

Cheers to making more health conscious decisions!

Posted: March 27, 2012
Automated Emblem Supplies, located in Foxboro, MA is a family owned and operated manufacturing business with an emphasis on quality control. Automated Emblem uses Freshtemp in a multitude of ways to maximize efficiency and to drive down energy costs. Currently the Freshtemp system is used to monitor the server room, the main warehouse and the main offices. Automated Emblem, having more control and awareness over temperature control has reported energy savings of up to 15% per month! We love working them and are proud to protect their assets!
Posted: March 09, 2012
Filed under: Case studies
Here are two frequently asked questions: Does Freshtemp require any software? Can I access my account on my Mac as well as Windows?
Posted: March 07, 2012
Premier Proteins, located in Kearney, Missouri provides only the finest American and Japanese Kobe beef, 100% Berkshire pork, and top notch grass-fed beef. Premier Proteins is a family owned and operated business that puts great pride in the quality of their product. They use Freshtemp to preserve and protect the quality of all of their meats, and to provide peace of mind to management as well as the end user.
Posted: March 05, 2012
Filed under: Case studies
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