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Martin’s Super Markets

Martin’s Super Markets, South Bend, IN

Contact: Vice President Pharmacy

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Why did you buy the Digi Smart Solutions program?

The Digi Smart Solutions program offered a reliable web-based platform with easily retrievable log monitoring capabilities. This functionality allowed us to eliminate the need for manually recording temperatures on paper. The program reduced employee costs associated with the record keeping, ensured regular readings were taken, and provided the compliance reporting necessary to meet all of our regulatory requirements.

How has it helped you with compliance issues?

From our archaic practices of pen and paper monitoring to the new web portal, we have seen tremendous efficiencies in the creation of our compliance logs. When a pharmacy inspector wishes to see our monitoring logs, they are no more than just a few easy clicks away.

What part of the program has been most valuable to you?

The integrity of the products in the pharmacy is imperative. Digi Smart Solutions provides us with the peace of mind knowing the products we dispense to our patients are maintained to the exact manufacturer specifications.

How has Digi saved you time, money and improved product/patient safety?

We recently had a situation where a pharmacy refrigerator failed on a Saturday evening. Using our prior practices, the pharmacist would not have known of the issue until Monday morning, at which point all of the product would have been lost. Being able to identify the temperature change early allowed us to pull the product and replace the refrigerator. This one incident saved our company over $15,000 in damaged product and ensured our patients received their much needed medication first thing on Monday morning.

“Digi Smart Solutions saved our pharmacy over $15,000 in damaged product and ensured our patients received safe medications.” – Vice President Pharmacy, Martin’s Supermarkets

May 31, 2017
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