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FreshTemp App 1.3.0 Upgrade

You may have noticed there is an upgrade for the FreshTemp App on your iOS device. Over the weekend the newest version 1.3.0 was released to help organize and complete your team's tasks and temperature recordings throughout the day. You are able to easily and quickly see what tasks need completed and record them digitally - no more pen and paper!


Using the App

We redesigned the App for quicker connectivity, simpler user navigation, and seamless task completion. As of now, you can access the FreshTemp App on any iOS device. An Android ready App will be released in December 2015.

In order to utilize the FreshTemp devices (Smart Probe and FreshSense) all you need is a wireless Internet connection. If your location does not have a strong Wi-Fi connection, do not worry. Our devices will have cellular capability to connect with the App beginning January 2016.


Upgraded App Features

  • Ability to accommodate temperature and action tasks
  • Enhanced commenting and corrective actions
  • Simultaneous access by multiple employees
  • New "Task Groups" to organize temperatures and activities
  • Ability to log non-scheduled activities, such as deliveries
  • Location and manager login for more secure recording
  • Easier, quicker connection to FreshTemp Smart Probe
  • Webpage "Task" & "Task Group" creation

Same Old Features

  • Ability to quickly log food item temperatures
  • All collected information is stored as HACCP compliant records
  • Programmable reminders and alarms

FreshTemp for You

While new regulations require companies to keep stricter logs of temperature-critical products, FreshTemp makes it easier than ever to stay on top of employee duties by digitizing task lists and collecting real-time, wireless temperature monitoring. The App allows for remote oversight and brings consistency to one’s processes across multiple locations. All data is in real-time and available 24/7 on the FreshCloud platform.

The FreshTemp App offers the most efficient task and temperature logging system to improve your company’s commitment to honesty and accuracy. Employees using the FreshTemp App no longer need to find and shuffle through paper task lists. All lists, task and temperature noting, are organized on the App and can be accessed by any employee. Employees can simultaneously access the App for more efficient duty completion.

We want to help you use the newest FreshTemp App. Email or call at 844-370-1782 ext. 706 for a personal walk-through!

November 18, 2015