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Freshtemp v2.5.5 iOS App Update

We’ve been listening, our latest FreshTemp App update provides key features based on what you’ve been saying. Yesterday, October 11, 2016, FreshTemp released the App v 2.5.5 for iOS devices. We made changes that will allow you to use the app and its corresponding hardware devices quicker, more simply, and with more functionality. And for Android users, no worries, the Android update is soon to follow.

What you will see from FreshTemp v2.5.5:

Remodeled User Interface

We have redesigned the Settings screen to offer more straightforward access to the data you want to see.

  • Added ability to view FreshSense sensor data in real time
  • Added link to FreshCloud reports

Improved Bluetooth connectivity

Under the updated Account heading, you will find several categories to help you navigate the FreshTemp App, including a newly added Bluetooth screen.

  • Added ability to scan and select the Bluetooth device you are using

Enhanced Functionality

We understand there is sometimes the need to manually enter temperature, instead of using the synced devices.

  • Added ability to manually input Cool Down Temperatures
  • Added ability to manually input FreshSense sensor tasks

More Decisive User Actions

FreshTemp is meant to simplify your busy kitchen. In order to do so we have added the ability to collect more information in a more streamlined matter.

  • Added ability to select multiple corrective actions
  • Added local notifications for follow up tasks – ability to see alerts on the device you are using
  • Added ability to customize Cool Downs
  • Improved default name for creating new tasks from the App – editable timestamped task group title so you no longer have to come up with a new name every time you create new tasks

Download the FreshTemp App on your iOS device to streamline your kitchen duties!

October 12, 2016