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  Digi FreshTemp Digi SafeTemps Digi Smart Temps
  Digi FreshTemp Digi SafeTemps Digi SmartTemps
Solution Highlights
  • Built for multi-site operators
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Centralized Task Management and temperature monitoring
  • FREE IOS and Android Apps
  • Cellular gateway with GPS
  • Real-time fleet tracking and temperature monitoring
  • Bluetooth data loggers
  • Meets HACCP and FSMA requirements
  • Geocode and sub geocode capabilities
  • Sensors with LCD Display
  • Built-in menu integration
  • Stand-alone wireless HACCP device
  • Fully CDC compliant
  • Meets all HACCP requirements
  • Glycol product simulator option
Primary Markets Served Restaurants, Corporate Dining Trailer, Warehouse, Third-Party Shipments, Yard Management, Grocery, Convenience Stores Hospitals and Clinics, Pharmacies, K-12, Higher Education
Other Applications Grocery, Convenience Stores Restaurants Restaurants, Grocery, Convenience Stores
Cellular Yes Yes Yes
Ethernet Yes No Yes
Wifi Yes Yes Yes
GPS No Yes No
Sensor LCD Display No No Yes
IOS App Yes Yes No
Android App Yes Yes Yes
Windows App Yes No Yes
Sensor Form Factor Small Very Small Small
Sensor Batteries 2xAA 1xCR2477 3xAA
Replaceable Sensor Batteries Yes No Yes
  Digi FreshTemp Digi SafeTemps Digi Smart Temps
NIST Traceable Yes Yes Yes
NSF Certified Yes Yes Yes
Task Management Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Thermocouple Probe Yes Yes Yes
Stand-alone Wireless HACCP No No Yes
Cool down sensor Yes Yes Yes
Temp recorder Yes Yes Yes
External Sensor Options Thermistor Thermocouple Platinum RTD, Thermistor, Thermocouple, Glycol product simulator
Enterprise Software and Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Real-time alerts and notifications Yes Yes Yes
Email Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Text Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Voice Alerts Yes No Yes
Door Switch No Yes Yes
Humidity Sensor No Yes Yes
Extreme Temps -328ºF to 392ºF Sensor No Yes Yes
  Digi FreshTemp Digi SafeTemps Digi Smart Temps
Probes Digi FreshProbe Digi Cook2Cool Digi HCprobes Digi Cook2Cool Digi Smart Shield Digi Smart Shield Pro Digi Cook2Cool
Gateways Digi FreshGateway Digi Smart Gateway Digi HCgateway Digi Smart Link Digi Smart Passport
Sensors Digi FreshSense Digi Temperature Sensor Digi Data Logger Digi Smart Cryo Guard Digi Smart Guard Digi Smart Humidity Guard Digi Smart WiFi Guard Digi Smart Dish Guard Digi Smart Differential Pressure Sensor

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