Location-based temperature monitoring and FSMA compliance reporting


Improve on inconsistent manual processes and gain visibility to disparate data across facilities in order to remain FSMA compliant and reduce loss.

Digi SafeTemps was developed to solve the challenges that warehouse and distribution facilities face. Twice a day, a Food Safety employee walks around the warehouse manually recording in a paper log the temperature of product that is shown on thermometers. Weekly, the Maintenance department sends the Food Safety department a printed log of the HVAC system’s evaporator temperature for each zone. When few temperature data points are collected per day, no trending data can be produced or interpreted.

Manual logging is also a reactive process, not a proactive one. There is no way of knowing if an exception state had persisted for 1 hour or 10 hours. A significant amount of product could be lost between temperature measurements before a problem is detected. Digi SafeTemps provides real-time wireless temperature monitoring and alert notification required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). By automating temperature monitoring Digi SafeTemps provides 24/7 oversight of your warehouse inventory.

All products provide real-time temperature documentation that exceeds all FSMA Reporting Compliance standards via a secure wireless network to the Digi SafeTemps platform. The entire Digi SafeTemps Temperature Management System helps your team put product quality and automated compliance reporting at the forefront with a real return on investment.

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The Digi SafeTemps solution monitors, logs and reviews temperature data independent of the make or model of refrigeration unit. Data transmission automatically adjusts to various environments to take advantage of Bluetooth, WiFi or LTE/3G cellular networks. Hardware and software are included in the subscription, and require no capital expense.


Product temperature, compliance and trip detail reports are all automatically stored and accessed through the Digi SafeTemps dashboard for proof of pre-cool and delivery acceptance confirmations. You can easily integrate the data into your ERP, warehouse, dock, yard and transport management systems.

Features and Benefits

Patented products and systems with complete wireless technology

  • Mobile access for breadcrumb reporting of trailer route and temperature from pickup to customer delivery.
  • 100% web-based (no software)
  • Digi Smart Gateway with wireless cellular communication and GPS for easy integration
  • Digi SafeTemps temperature sensor

Ability to manage large-scale operations:

  • Scalable system
  • Secure cloud data storage and retrieval
  • Sustainable data archiving eliminates paper logs/storage
  • Redundant mirrored servers in strategic geographical locations
  • Customer Support and Engineering in-house

Digi SafeTemps Reporting Tool

  • 24/7/365 alerts – text, email, phone call
  • 100% web-based (no software)
  • Geo-triggered customer reports
  • Integrate into existing ERP and management platforms

Proven return on investment (ROI)

  • Automate proof of delivery temperature
  • Prevent losses
  • Control costs
  • Increase quality of care/service
  • Reduce liabilities

Monitoring capabilities

  • Monitor your entire facility and your fleet while en route
  • 10-minute interval temperature recordings
  • Long battery life

Exceeds all Federal record keeping requirements

  • Code of Federal Regulations, CFR21 electronic data compliance
  • Meets or exceeds FSMA and HACCP regulations

Protect Your Customers, Your Inventory and Your Business

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