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Access to USB Serial port

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Hey everyone,

I have the Digi XBee Mesh Starter Kit with several XBee modules and two USB microcontroller boards and two RS232 microcontrollerboards. I have a problem accessing the USB Serial port. I wrote a little C routine to get access to the XBees. For the RS232 Board everything works perfectly fine. But I have problems with the USB boards. I have installed the driver and the boards work with the X-CTU software. But if I try to open the USB port I get an error.
I use the same command as for the RS232


Does anybody have an idea what's wrong?

asked Dec 3, 2008 in USB and Ethernet drivers by keergeht New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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what kind of error you receive?, give us the error.
answered Dec 16, 2008 by jpcordovae New to the Community (5 points)