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How to set uo CTS to use as GPIO

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I am using Serial port 1 in 2 wire mode. I would to use RTS and CTS as GPIO since they are not need for the serial port. Anyone know how to have I can do this on the ConnectMe 9210 development board. Any examples?

Many Thanks.
asked Mar 20, 2009 in NET+OS by Prajad New to the Community (0 points)
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1 Answer

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You will have do the configuring in the BSP gpio.h file. On page #42 of the "Digi Connect ME-9210 Hardware Reference" manual you will find the needed configurations.

According to the module's pin-out chart, pin #9 (RTS) is mapped to GPIO[5] and pin #11 (CTS) is mapped to GPIO[1]

Link to the ME-9210 Hardware Reference Manual:

I hope this document helps.
answered Aug 11, 2009 by sbrown New to the Community (48 points)