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how to upload new firmare to -C version (via netosprog) - solved

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Ho im i trouble with uploading my new firmware to DIGI module in -C version (with Jtag).
The netosprog can discover the digi module but when i try to upload new firmware it always fails on ftp error:

C:\netos73\bin>netosprog /upload /firmware=C:\image.bin /mac=auto

NET+OS Programmer
Copyright 2004-2007 Digi International Inc

Searching for devices. Please wait...

Locate device (auto): SUCCESS
Uploading firmware...
Failed to open FTP session with error 12029

Any ideas what to do? I can update firmware via JTAG and use web uploader, but don want to have web support in my program.

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The problem was wrong pasword. Take care about password which you select in your application.
asked Aug 31, 2008 in NET+OS by kubiajir Community Contributor (61 points)
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