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Beginner question...

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We've purchsed the "Digi JumpStart for Microsoft .NET Micro Framework". (ConnectME)

I believe this is a different version kit than what would be easily obtainable with the version implied in the quoted section below.

Using our JumpStart Kit, how do I achieve the equivalent of what is stated here :

"Setup the Connect ME/Wi-ME serial port with the profile of TCP sockets. Open two instances of hyper terminal, the first will be through your native serial port (typically com1) with the baud rate of 9600/8/n/1 software flow control (default settings of the serial port on the ME/Wi-ME). On the second instance of hyper terminal make a TCP socket connection (winsock in the 'Connect Using' field) to the units IP address on port 2101. Typing in one window should result in data seen on the other window."
asked Mar 3, 2008 in Plug N' Play by Rusty909 New to the Community (5 points)
recategorized Dec 18, 2013 by tuxembb

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1 Answer

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Could you specify in which document you have found the sentence quoted? (name of the doc, Part number, version, page, etc..)

answered May 2, 2008 by cmarin New to the Community (2 points)