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Blink LED with network activity

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The default software in a new DigiConnectME module blinks the orange LED when there is network activity.
When I use my own software the orange led is always on. How can I restore the original blinking functionality?
asked Oct 10, 2007 in NET+OS by compie Community Contributor (55 points)
recategorized Dec 18, 2013 by tuxembb

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3 Answers

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I'm already using:


But the LED doesn't work, it's always on.
answered Oct 16, 2007 by compie Community Contributor (55 points)
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The green LED blinks with network activity. At least on mine. The amber LED stays on when theres a cable plugged in.

Are you using the second serial port? I just had a similar problem.
answered Oct 16, 2007 by turbo2ltr New to the Community (8 points)
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Thanks, that worked!
answered Oct 22, 2007 by compie Community Contributor (55 points)