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FTP upload error OffsetInvalid

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I'm developing a few projects with a ConnectMe and NetOS 6.3. I have included the naftpapp so I have a way to upload a new firmware in production modules (the ones without Jtag -C modules).

I haven't changed the naftpapp, I'm using the original one. But after several versions, when I try to upload a new firmware I get NAFLASH_SECTOROFFSET_INVALID (-7) on the NAFlash_Write.

I've been looking through the code, but I didn't find anything. Th funny thing is that one (A) of the projects was working this morning. After been the whole day with other one (B), I checked if everything kept working but it didn't. The same error again. But if I upload with Jtag the one I've been working (B) and upload (A) via FTP it starts working. ¿?

I don't understand what the problem is. But it's like a timebomb in my code. I cannot go to production with this software.

Any ideas where to look?

Thank you very much
asked Sep 4, 2007 in NET+OS by alblurrow New to the Community (4 points)
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1 Answer

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Hello again,

I've been doing some more research and debug, and these are the new things I found out.

I have the nonworking version, and the working one. If I upload the working one via JTAG, and afterwards via FTP upload the nonworking one the nonworking becomes a working one. And when the FTP writes to Flash, the sectors and offset of the NAFlashWrite are:

4 0
6 0
8 0

But if I upload the nonworking one via JTAG and try to upload via FTP the same firmware the values I get are:

4 0
4 131072

So I get the error InvalidOffset. Why the FTP behaves diferently depending on the way I upload the code? Because it doesn't calculate the limits properly. 131072 is 128K, and the sectors are 64K so obviusly it should be 6 0 as is in the working one.

Any help please???

Thank you
answered Sep 5, 2007 by alblurrow New to the Community (4 points)