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I have few questions about Digi Connect Wi-ME

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I am starting to design a portable wireless 3 axis acceleration meter. I am just find out the Digi products and I have few questions.

first of all a few of my project tasks:

The acceleration sensor uses a I2C or an SPI interface.
I need about 256Kbytes of RAM for temporary buffer my measures.
The range of wireless mast be at least 30-40 meters

I am thinking to use the Digi Connect Wi-ME for the end product ant the Digi Connect Wi-ME Digi JumpStart Kit for development.

Now the questions are:

Witch is the range of Digi Connect Wi-ME in open area??

Can I use the GPIO of the Digi Connect Wi-ME to build an SPI Master???

Can I use the Digi Connect Wi-ME RAM to buffer my measures???

It is possible to use the plug and play firmware as a base and implement the necessary code that allows me to transmit/resave data, not from the external serial port, but from RAM or SPI interface???

Can I use an USB wireless Ethernet card on the PC side and access the Connect Wi-ME as a virtual com port with the realport driver?

Is the Connect Wi-ME Digi JumpStart Kit conteins all the development tools tha I will need or I will need to bye some other tools??

I know that I am asking nonsense’s ant that the answer for all the above is possibly YES , but I need a confirmation

Thanks in advance


PS : Sorry about my English, I hope is not all Greeks to you …..
asked Jul 17, 2007 in NET+OS by Mac New to the Community (2 points)
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1 Answer

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You'll need the Wi-EM Jumpstart kit, as the EM/Wi-EM have access to an SPI interface. The JSK's come with all the tools you need to develop you own code for the modules.

The Wi-EM has 8MB of RAM, so malloc'ing 256kb shouldn't be an issue.

The Plug and Play firmware comes with the Integration Kit and doesn't give you access to the SPI interface.
answered Jul 17, 2007 by charliek Veteran of the Digi Community (408 points)