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How ad an service FTP in my application to future update in firmware?

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I have completed my application in my development kit with JTAG ConnectME . In my application I use HTML TO C.

For my application works, was necessary to modify a sample project from the list of sample projects. This was for many library problems when I created a new project.

The sample project that I modify is the HTTP SERVER SAMPLE.

my application that is modifying the sample project "HTTP Server SAMPLE" for my own code , I need upload in a CONNECTME without JTAG, but ...

How I add an service FTP in the sample project "HTTP SERVER SAMPLE " to future update to FIRMWARE in my connectme without JTAG????

you can explain step by step?

I'm new to the FTP protocol
asked Mar 3, 2010 in NET+OS by isaac New to the Community (8 points)
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1 Answer

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its simple. Search in doc for this function naFtpDlInit(). This function initialises FTP for new image upload.

In simply way:

add to main.c to applicationStart function this line


ant to the top of main.c add
#include "fservapi.h"

and go to
project->properties -> Net+OS and select libraries and add this libs:


At thats all I hope.

Best regards

Jiri Kubias
answered Mar 3, 2010 by kubiajir Community Contributor (61 points)