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Pre-sales info and experience DigiConnect ME 9210

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I'm trying to get some basic info on the ME 9210 and so far have been thoroughly underwhelmed with Digi's product information. I tried calling tech support today and was informed happily that wait time would be "Less than 5 minutes". I gave up 25 minutes later.

So I guess I'm totally missing this in the product info: I need a quick design-in integrated Ethernet to RS485 solution, and it looks like the '9210 would fit in our available space.. I need to send raw serial data via UDP / Telnet to the '9210 and have it appear as 1.5MBaud serial data as the output. I see the '9210 looks like it performs this function, but nowhere do I see a baud rate specification.??

Also is there any working example of this being used for a high speed RS485 bridge? What is the turn-around latency? What us the buffer size before the '9210 sends an Ethernet UDP packet? Is it adjustable?

So far all I've found on the software are very useless "data sheets" which seem to be all sales fluff. Is there a place I can get some real performance numbers on this??

Also where do we get volume pricing on say 25k units??
asked Jul 12, 2010 in Plug N' Play by Wally New to the Community (2 points)
recategorized Dec 5, 2013 by tuxembb

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3 Answers

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Bump. Anyone??
answered Jul 13, 2010 by Wally New to the Community (2 points)
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The fastest the Serial Port on the Connect ME 9210 can go is: 921600 baud according to the hardware guide:

(http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90000897_H.pdf) page 39

I think you'll need to move up to a faster module, like a ConnectCore 9P9360 to get those kinds of data rates from the serial port.

You would need to ask a sales person about 25K units.
answered Jul 15, 2010 by mcarver Community Contributor (108 points)
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Yeah! Contacting Salses - What a great idea!! I've been trying to get in touch with anyone @Digi for almost six days now. They are too busy to answer the phone, return phone messages, and too busy to monitor the forums, apparently. Usually they are better than this, I'm not sure what happened this time.

Oh well. In the meantime we've got a TI Stellaris chip up and running, and it looks like it will get the design-in at this rate. The TI support guys took care of everything we needed for software within hours...
answered Jul 15, 2010 by Wally New to the Community (2 points)