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accessing TRECK directly

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I have an application where the Connect ME will send a file via FTP transfer to an FTP server. I do not see a way in the FTP client libraries to rename the file on the server once I transfer it. Does anyone have any experience doing this? I am using NET OS 7.4. I see that TRECK supports it with a call to tfFtpRename() but there is no Digi library function to this TRECK routine. I tried calling it directly without any luck. The first arg is a pointer to the session, while Digi libraries use an int session #.
asked Jul 14, 2011 in NET+OS by rflach5 New to the Community (7 points)
recategorized Dec 5, 2013 by tuxembb

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1 Answer

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You have to download the file, delete the file, and then upload it again with the new name
answered Jul 19, 2011 by charliek Veteran of the Digi Community (408 points)