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UDP debugger for win

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Dear developers,

maybe will be helpfull my small UDP debugger for DIGI modules
please dowload it from:


unpack it anywhere, to IP address line simple write module IP address and click to memo
when the module is configured for UDP , module led must flashing quickly

all stdio funcs such prinf("hello\n") will be written to MEMO

----how to config module:---
in <bsp_sys.h>
#define BSP_STDIO_PORT "/udpdb/0"

in <bsp_drivers.h>

asked Aug 7, 2012 in NET+OS by jgroch New to the Community (6 points)
recategorized Dec 4, 2013 by tuxembb

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1 Answer

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Thank you, nice tool indeed!
answered Aug 8, 2012 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (3,624 points)