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Port C0 Interrupts

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HelloUsing Net+50 Dev Board + Net+OS 5.0 + GHS 3.5 When using the PortC0 interrupt which is edge sensitive what happens when you handling a higher priority interrupt and you get an interrupt on PortC0 ? (miss interrupt ??) Are there any "level" sensitive interrupt inputs ? Thank you Regards Michael
asked Mar 21, 2003 in NET+OS by shatman Community Contributor (109 points)

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2 Answers

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NS7520 supplies level sensitive interrupts.
answered Mar 21, 2003 by muscleman Seasoned Professional (215 points)
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Even with edge sensitive interrupts you wont miss it because the interrupt pending bit is set wehn the edge arrives and reset "by hand" in the ISR you supply. So your interrupt will get handled after the higher priority interrupt completes. cheers
answered Aug 19, 2004 by anonymous