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Can't get rom.bin to boot

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I'm trying to build a release version of my application. When I ftp the rom.bin file, I see the following come out the serial port:
Download complete, writing to flash... Firmware updated, quit the session to restart. Resetting the system in 2 seconds... Starting TFTP recovery...

I never boots back up. At that point, the only way I can run is with the JTAG. What am I doing wrong?

I'm using:
Digi ESP for NET+OS
Version: 1.4.0
Build id: 03132009 NET+OS 7.4.2
asked Mar 26, 2010 in NET+OS by burl New to the Community (17 points)
recategorized Nov 26, 2013 by tuxembb

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4 Answers

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I'm also having a problem with image.bin:
Checksum passed, writing to flash... _NAAppOffsetInFlash or _NABackupRecoveryOffsetInFlash in the linker customizatiom file is set incorrectly. The application image must start on a sector boundary. Failed to write flash [-8]

Here's my flash memory map:

Total Flash Size: 4096K
Bootloader: 64K
Application Image: 832K
Backup Image: Disabled
Unused Space: Disabled
File System: 3072K
answered Mar 26, 2010 by burl New to the Community (17 points)
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check rom.bin properties and make sure it is under 64k, otherwise it will corrupt top of the rom.bin
answered Mar 27, 2010 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (4,445 points)
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Also your offset for your application (see bootldr.dat) needs to be a multiple of 0x10000 (64k), you can't start writing an image.bin in the middle of a sector of flash.
answered Apr 1, 2010 by charliek Veteran of the Digi Community (408 points)
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In recent BSP updates digi added a new feature
" ... Now use the WAKE UP button for forced recovery ..." i.e. TFTP

This is triggered by the SW_CONG dip switch on the development board

See customizeBootloader.c in platform folder
answered Apr 2, 2010 by michael1 New to the Community (3 points)