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Watchdog problems: "Watchdog has expired. Target detached"

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I need some assistance from the community to help me with a watchdog timeout problem I am having. I have a project that builds and runs fine when I created the project with the ESP Net+OS project defaults. Then I wanted to try to add a watchdog on the 9215, so I created a new Net+OS project with the same settings EXCEPT I checked the watchdog option.

The project runs for approximately one minute, then it halts in the debugger with the error: "Watchdog has expired. Target detached ". I tried manually disabling the watchdog by changing the #define WATCHDOG_ENABLED from TRUE to FALSE in appservices.h, cleaning and rebuilding all; but this seems to have no effect.

I am assuming that the initial watchdog reset is expected because I would need to add the code to manually kick the watchdog (??)

Anyone know why my
in appservices.h seems to have no effect? How do I disable the watchdog?

asked Apr 12, 2010 in NET+OS by katama New to the Community (1 point)
recategorized Nov 26, 2013 by tuxembb

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2 Answers

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I left out one important detail: The watchdog was resetting because the processor is running at 1/2 speed (75 MHz). At 150, the watchdog doesn't trip. So....

1) Still wondering how I can disable the watchdog in the build (#define ENABLE_WATCHDOG in appservices.h isn't doing it)

2) I am now wondering what I need to change in the watchdog to enable it to work when running at half speed?
answered Apr 13, 2010 by katama New to the Community (1 point)
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I have similar problem. Also, the "Watchdog has expired. Target detached" errors appears with completely disabled watchdog timers too.

For example, in next code block
while(1) { if ((*dialer_status) == (*prev_dialer_status)) { tx_thread_sleep(sleep_ticks); // If the ppp state machine takes more than 30 seconds to complete dial, report error. if(++dialer_timeout >= 600) { result = -1; break; } continue; } *prev_dialer_status = *dialer_status; ...
this error appears after 11 calls of tx_thread_sleep(). The 12th call of this function will cause detaching from target.

answered Jul 8, 2014 by serseme New to the Community (1 point)