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g_serial kernel freeze

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I have some problems when I connect the USB device in a USB 3.0 hub with Windows 7 linking with the connectcore 9M.

When I use the two ports of the Hub, for example, with a USB-mice the kernel totally freeze and no response to any command like telnet.

The driver that I'm using is g_serial v2.4. I have no problem with USB 2.0 but I start to experiment this trouble with USB 3.0 hub.
Anyone have experimented the same problem than me? Anyone knows how to fix it, for example with a g_serial patch?

The version of the kernel is

Thanks in advance.
asked Feb 18, 2013 in Linux by Julio New to the Community (0 points)
recategorized Sep 20, 2013 by tuxembb

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1 Answer

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if you are looking for a updated version of the Linux serial USB gadget driver for the ConnectCore 9M2443, check out Digi Embedded Linux 5.7 (kernel 2.6.35)
answered May 2, 2013 by User143 Community Contributor (132 points)
Ok, I have update the driver and it´s work fine. But I have found other trouble with this driver and it is when I start Windows 7 with the wire plug- in, I  have experimented other kernel freeze due to the g_serial driver. Can anyone reproduce the same problem?
Are you now using latest Digi EL 5.7(.2.2)?
Would you mind showing us (logfile) your kernel/freeze or Oups with complete boot context/dmesg output before?