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undefined reference to `wxDir::~wxDir()'

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I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, as I am new to this.

I am attempting to use a class called wxDir (C:\netos73\src\shared\graphics\wxWidgets\include\wx\dir.h), but I get the following error: undefined reference to `wxDir::~wxDir()'

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this?

A little background about my project: I inherited a project that was originally written for a NET ARM platform with a Green Hills compiler (so I am told). We are trying to port it to Digi ESP for NET+OS, and take advantage of the file system support. The original project was written completely in C. I have tried adding a .cpp file to use the wxDir class, but I'm stuck at the "undefined reference" error.
asked Oct 13, 2009 in NET+OS by burl New to the Community (17 points)

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4 Answers

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I've moved this to a different forum. Hopefully you'll get the answer you need here.
answered Oct 13, 2009 by Admin Veteran of the Digi Community (732 points)
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PS. Maybe there's another way to go about this? I'm not set on using wxDir if there is. I just need a way to enumerate file names in a given directory.
answered Oct 14, 2009 by burl New to the Community (17 points)
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Some things to check:
appconf.h -> APP_CPP TRUE

Graphics must be enabled
Check the makefile.bsp options file, the GRAPHICS_PLATFORM needs to be TRUE
answered Oct 14, 2009 by pamw New to the Community (2 points)
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An undefined reference error means you don't have the libraries or code added to your project. Make sure you have the wxWidgets libraries added to your project (Project Properties -> NET+OS tab -> libraries tab).
answered Oct 22, 2009 by charliek Veteran of the Digi Community (408 points)