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m10 Replacement?

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I am just looking for a modem that can reliably send/receive e-mails for a couple weeks, and it has to work in the Edmonton Alberta (Canada) area.

I purchased the m10 dev kit and it just doesn't look like it is close to working. I've even driven out into a field and put it on top of my car (though obviously that's a shit ground), to no avail.

I'm in Calgary now (not that it should matter where I am with satellites RIGHT overhead), and I can't get better than -110 dB (reading from the Dashboard utility).

Packet Error
Doppler shift

all show up with green checkmarks, though of course I never get even two solid 'signal bars' for more than a second.

This really seemed like an out-of-the-box solution, but I can't get one message through.

Any ideas?

asked Jul 27, 2011 in Satellite Modules by m10_Calgary New to the Community (2 points)

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3 Answers

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This is my scenario.. My M10 is situated in MN, USA and i am able to sent message.
answered Jul 28, 2011 by bobthomas13 Seasoned Professional (182 points)
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Well, if you've got messages going at -98 dB, then that's good news for me! Im going antenna shopping right now.

The Digi guy on the phone said I needed -60, which seemed a little too big a gap.

answered Jul 28, 2011 by m10_Calgary New to the Community (2 points)
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this will help then :)

happy shopping...
answered Jul 29, 2011 by bobthomas13 Seasoned Professional (182 points)