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Solaris 10u9 cant open ports

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Hello there,

im have a portserver 2 connected to a m3000 which is running solaris 10u9.
After creating the ports using drpadmin im having trouble accessing some of them.
root# tip /dev/cua/a001 tip: /dev/cua/a001: Resource temporarily unavailable all ports busy root#/home/spsy> fuser /dev/cua/a001 /dev/cua/a001: root# tip /dev/cua/a002 connected ~. #root# fuser /dev/cua/a002 /dev/cua/a002: root# tip /dev/cua/a003 connected ~. root# fuser /dev/cua/a003 /dev/cua/a003: 5278o root# ps -fea | grep 5278 spsy 5278 1 0 17:03:31 ? 0:00 /home/s/sys/seri root 29798 29787 0 12:21:45 pts/3 0:00 grep 5278

The strange thing is that accessing /dev/cua/a001 worked for a few times.
asked Nov 6, 2012 in Console Servers by JonasM New to the Community (0 points)

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