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Help! Etherlite

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During the configuration process of Etherlite 2, it allows changing the range of TCP ports to other different from the standard 771. But it does not work with different TCP ports, I am unable to connect to it.

Has anybody configured Etherlite 2 with a TCP port different from the standard 771?


asked Apr 13, 2006 in Portserver TS by root66 New to the Community (2 points)

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4 Answers

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The EtherLite is operating system dependent.
Please specify the operating system and the driver version you have installed.
It would also be helpful to know which firmware version you have installed in your EtherLite.
answered Apr 13, 2006 by User38 Community Contributor (120 points)
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The operating system is Windows XP and the last firmware version I updated in my Etherlite was the Firmware version 1.6 (80007012_E.bin)

When I work with the 771 TCP port everything is okey, but if I change the TCP port in the configuration of the drivers it does not work.


answered Apr 13, 2006 by root66 New to the Community (2 points)
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Changing the TCP Port in the driver is only half the picture, because the TCP Port on the Hardware (Etherlite) would have to change too and this isn't possible. The Etherlite hardware is hard-coded (ie not changeable) for a TCP port of 771 for RealPort traffic. See the following link for a list of settable values via commandline:


If you have a need for your RealPort traffic on some TCP Port other than 771, you'll need to purchase a more full-featured terminal server like something in our PortServer TS series.
answered Apr 18, 2006 by michaelt Veteran of the Digi Community (772 points)
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Thank you for your quick answer.
It has been very helpful!

answered Apr 18, 2006 by root66 New to the Community (2 points)