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TS8 behind a firewall

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Im just wondering if we are able to configure the TS8 and then move it behind a firewall still having the server on the backbone LAN?

And which ports do we have to open in the firewall to make it work? I thought of opening 1027 for encrypted TCP and run SSL against the webinterface.

Regards B
asked Jan 31, 2006 in Portserver TS by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Yes, this would be possible as long as the needed TCP ports were open on the firewall. Which ports to open would be determined by how you intend to use your TS8, but some common ones might be 23 (telnet), 80 (http), 2000+port numbers (ascii telnet tunnel directly to serial port), 2100+port numbers (binary telnet tunnel directly to serial port), 2500+port number (ssh tunnel directly to serial port), 771 (realport), and 1027 (encrypted realport).
answered Jan 31, 2006 by michaelt Veteran of the Digi Community (772 points)