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TS One no remote access

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I have several TS ONE W port servers in remote locations. We log onto these devices about once every couple of months. When I cannot log on after several weeks of inactivity. I cannot telnet or open the web page to these devices. I can ping these devices. After a power cycle, they work fine, but to go out to each of these devices is a lot of trouble. I have the latest firmware and post. I noticed in the release notes that after 30 days of inactivity that they are not accessible. This may not have been fixed in the latest firmware.
asked Jan 25, 2006 in Portserver TS by dpfaff New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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Please call Technical Support or open an online Support Request about this issue. This one will definitely need to be looked into further.
answered Jan 25, 2006 by michaelt Veteran of the Digi Community (772 points)