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Access to Portserver II

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I wanted to know how to reset my Portserver configurations to the defaults. The Portserver is not seeing the network and all the ports are set to telnet directly to another server. I therefore need to reset the port settings so that I can login to the portserver itself to troubleshoot.
asked Nov 3, 2004 in Portserver TS by Yus New to the Community (0 points)

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2 Answers

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There are a step by step instructions in chapter 15 of the Configuration and Administration Guide
answered Nov 3, 2004 by shatman Community Contributor (111 points)
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Power off the Porserver II. Hold down the two arrow buttons while powering on the Portserver II. Continue to hold the arrow buttons down until the display reads 'AC'. Release the arrow buttons and the unit will be at its default setting.
answered Mar 28, 2005 by nbrown New to the Community (2 points)